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Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs

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We are the leading supplier of exterior signage solutions in Rochester and understand that every business needs to impress its customers, audience, and passers-by, with outdoor signage that makes an impact. It needs to be visually attractive while maintaining brand consistency, attracting more clients to your business and increased revenue for your company.

Custom storefront signage

Our team of professionals will design and fabricate storefront signage that raises visibility of your business to local footfall and strengthen your brand with the current customers you have. Effective outdoor signage leads to higher returns than marketing campaigns across local TV, radio, billboard, and newspaper advertising combined (International Sign Agency), so invest your money in marketing that works.

Our exterior signs help you attract more attention to your business. Staff at Excalibur Sign Studio are experts in their trade and can consult on everything from on-site evaluations and technical planning, to design, fabrication, and installation.

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Impactful, Attractive Storefront Signs

Custom storefront signageIf first impressions count, make yours the best it can be. When customers, and potential customers, approach your storefront, create an image that makes a positive impact.

Stand out from local competition and invite more people to your business with outdoor signage that strengthens your brand while creating a lasting impression on people who may need your products and services in the future.

Our team combines the needs of your business with your existing brand guidelines to create external signage that helps you achieve precisely what you want to.

Channel Letters

Premier Physicians Channel Letter SignThe most popular type of storefront signs are channel letters, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create customized messages that can be displayed on your storefront. Our team can create designs using a variety of fonts, sizes, colors and styles that match your business and industry.

Dimensional letters are similar to channel letters, but are constructed of a solid material rather than a metal channel with an opaque face.

Channel letters are popular for most business types, including retail stores, malls, office buildings, grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, churches, and other community, government, or civic organizations.

Lighted & LED Signs

custom lighted cabinet signIf you want to improve your business visibility at all hours, lighted and LED signs are the ultimate solution. Combining these with channel letter signs can create truly outstanding results that businesses can use to full advantage, or you can utilize cabinet signs, backlit dimensional letters, or other illuminated signage types. These signs create an impression during the day and at night, while also serving to let potential customers know you are open and ready to assist them. We use LED lighting as it offers flexibility in style and color, lasts longer, is cheaper to run, and are environmentally friendly.

Lighted signs are ideal for businesses that stay open late, such as nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, bars, coffee shops, convenience stores, shopping centers, comedy clubs, and gas stations.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Awning Sign/ Canopy SignCanopies and awnings can be an excellent way to combine function and aesthetic to raise the profile of your business. Primarily used by restaurants, cafes and smaller, boutique stores, the canvas is printed and then fitted to a frame. It is a unique way of engaging more customers and extending the profile of your business in its immediate location.

Awning signs provide a boutique feel, making them popular for salons, jewelry stores, specialty shops, galleries, hotels, and shopping centers that desire (or require) uniformity.

Monument Signs

Custom outdoor monument signPrimarily used by larger organizations, such as big businesses, universities, colleges, churches, private clubs, and shopping malls, monument signs offer a truly unique way of positioning your business to local opportunities. Using suitable materials to ensure it endures all four seasons, our monument signs can help you make a big impact. We can turn your monument sign in to a symbol of your business with creative and aesthetically appealing designs.

This impressive signage is often found at entrances to manufacturing plants, schools and universities, churches, private clubs, resorts, and corporate offices.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Custom Tenant Pylon SignPole signs are the types of signage often seen next to large businesses – including shopping malls, gas stations, restaurants etc., that are looking to be a symbol on the horizon as people approach. They are used to represent a single business, or multiple organizations, that are based in one location and are an excellent marker for customers looking for your premises. These signs are commonly used near busy roadways or interstates to help divert traffic to local businesses.

This sign is typically utilized by gas stations, fast food restaurants, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas, such as near major roadways or interstates.

Exterior Signage

Custom storefront business signageExcalibur Sign Studio have a signage solution for every business challenge. Our team is dedicated and motivated individuals, committed to creating signage that positively impacts your business.

From concept to development, installation to maintenance, we meet the needs and demands your business has when it comes to generating new customers.

Our exterior signs include:

Excalibur Sign Studio is your Rochester provider of high-quality custom branded outdoor signs. If you are looking for cohesive indoor signs to support your exterior branding, we can provide you with complete business sign solutions as your long-term sign company partner.

Call Excalibur Sign Studio at (585) 484-1665 for a Free Consultation with an Outdoor Signage Expert!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Custom Sign InstallationExcalibur Sign Studio handles your outdoor signage project from the very beginning through installation and beyond. With a full staff of talented and experienced sign designers, fabricators, and installers, we have the knowledge and tools to create the right signs for your business identification or promotion needs.

Whether you have print-ready files or just an idea, our local, on-site designers work directly with you to ensure your initial design matches your final expectations so there are no surprises when installation time comes. From impressive, towering digital pole signs to simple outdoor banners, we can handle any level of complexity to deliver the perfect signage for your business and brand.

If you are looking for quality signage at a reasonable price from a local Rochester company that is excited to do business with you, then reach out to Excalibur Sign Studio today!

Free Outdoor Signs Consultation

Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs rochestercustomsigns logo 300x187Your outdoor signs serve to explain who you are and what you do to potential clients, customers, and guests. Attractive and impactful signage that accurately depicts what your business has to offer will gain attention and ultimately dollars from your most desired customer base.

Excalibur Sign Studio ensures you have the right exterior signs for your brand, business, and budget. We look forward to earning your trust as your long-term signage provider.

Call Excalibur Sign Studio at (585) 484-1665 for a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist!