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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

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One of the most engaging and exciting ways to promote your business to your local community is by using vinyl vehicle wraps on company/fleet vehicles.

vinyl vehicle wraps and graphicsMaximize the impact of what you do, and spend every minute driving or parked up promoting your business, with professionally designed and fitted vehicle wraps that generate more interest in your company and its products or services. We can install car wraps, vinyl vehicle wraps, boat wraps, trailer graphics and fleet vehicle wraps to help you take your business wherever you go.

Excalibur Sign Studio work with businesses who want to explore new marketing avenues through the use of vehicle wraps and offer solutions designed to match your needs, requirements, and budget. Our staff are experts in design, manufacturing, and installation, guaranteeing you an end product that will increase interest in your business.

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Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

If your business owns or purchases a fleet of vehicles, you can maximize the impact they have by using vehicle wraps to brand them in a way that promotes the products and services your business offers. By investing in vehicle graphics, you can market your business to potential customers and promote yourself as an established, trustworthy, and reputable business that consumers can trust.

If you, or your staff, visit clients at home, spend time driving between locations, or drive to business premises, ensure you maximize exposure of your business through vehicle wraps that connect you with more customers. They are a great solution for businesses of all sizes and can be as effective for a one-person business as they are for a large national/multinational organization.

Your Designs, Perfected

Custom Semi truck wrapExcalibur Sign Studio work with clients from start to finish to ensure our designs match your expectations. Using existing artwork, or creating new, eye-catching designs, our team produce and install custom designs that allow you to personalize and tailor the message you want to send.

Whether it is a subtle logo, text, and graphics, or high-resolution photographs and images, our team can help.

Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Not everyone wants their vehicle to be completely wrapped, and it may not always be your best solution. We offer many different vehicle graphic types and coverage options including vinyl graphics, vehicle magnets, and partial vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics vehicle wrap options

Partial Car Wraps

Partial Wrap

Using crisp, clear designs, our partial vehicles wraps mean you can draw attention to specific messages you want to send using your vehicle. The versatility of wraps allow you to choose which part of the car you want to display your marketing message.

We match the design and fabrication of partial car wraps to the shape of your vehicle. This means the design is fitted to match the contours of your vehicle and won’t have excess or sagging material that affects the reputation of your business. Partial wraps are great for businesses with smaller budgets.

Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Graphic

Raise awareness and promote the identity of your business with single vinyl graphics. Vinyl graphics adapt to the shape of your vehicle, and offer a higher-quality finish compared to partial wraps, while allowing you the freedom to easily update and amend them. Cut vinyl lettering is another single vinyl application that you can use as opposed to a wrap to market your business or provide required business information, such as DOT numbers.

For best results, we recommend sticking to something simple like a logo or text for an attractive, minimal marketing message with a high-impact.

Vehicle Magnets

promotional business vehicle magnet for truck

For the ultimate freedom and flexibility when it comes to vehicle advertising, magnet signage is a great way to invest in your vehicular marketing without it being a permanent feature. If your business car doubles up as your personal/family vehicle, magnets are a great solution and offer great versatility when it comes to design and print options.

They also serve a purpose if you live in areas where signage restrictions are in place, allowing you to not compromise your marketing while still complying with any local ordinance.

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Custom food truck wrap vinylAt Excalibur Sign Studio we can wrap any type of vehicle your business uses in its daily operation. Our team will design custom graphics or logos, manufacture them to the highest standard, and professionally install the design, providing you with the perfect marketing tool. In fact, we can wrap more than just vehicles! Anything that you would like to add a protective, attractive vinyl wrap to is fair game for quoting. From soda machines to guitars, there is a wide range of opportunity for creating the perfect custom look for all of your marketing tools.

Our services include:

We deliver complete auto graphic and vinyl wrap solutions for any business exploring this option. Raise brand profiles, reach new markets, and increase your revenue streams by promoting your business wherever you are. Our team can work to provide complete solutions, including interior signs and exterior signs at your building/premises so that brand consistency is exhibited across all your signage.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrap

Whatever the size of your business, if you have a vehicle, you have a marketing tool waiting to be used. Using visually-attractive designs you can promote your company while going about your daily business. Our vehicle wraps are hard-wearing and long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing it unless you want to.

For businesses that aren’t based in one location, vehicle-wrapping offers a solution to promoting your company wherever your vehicles are based. Our services provide complete transformation of your vehicles while ensuring they maintain their road compliance.

Custom Boat Wraps

boat wrap truck wrap matching comboIf you, or your business, own a boat, we offer marine-grade vinyl boat and trailer wraps that help you maximize the value of the time you spend on, or near, the water. You can reach new markets with eye-catching designs and promote your brand as a local provider of products and services your local audience needs.

Do you own a marina that rents out boats? Boat wrapping can be a great way to generate new income streams. Turn your boats into a flotilla of moving marketing and advertising boards to promote your business. Alternatively, offer local businesses the opportunity to buy space on the boats, allowing you to increase your income and offering them the chance to raise their profile.

Boat Identification Numbers

Our staff is fully conversant with the rules and regulations that the marine industry set. Any work our team undertakes will ensure you remain fully compliant. Designs include ID numbers, licenses, and the boat name, maintaining the aesthetic, without being detrimental to the final design.

Boat-based Businesses

custom boat graphicsIf your business is based on the water and relies on a boat, our team of design and installation experts can make a lasting impression with graphics that impress your customers. We will make it look good, feel comfortable, and be informative, using durable wraps and graphics that will help your business stand out.

If you offer whale watching tours, charter fishing, parasailing, or any other type of service that make your boats the focus for customers, our tailored and customized designs will help you stand out from the crowd.

Combine function with promotion to ensure that your boats are as effective on the water as they are moored up in the marina.

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Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

vinyl vehicle wrap installation on van

We want you to love the work we do. Our staff are professionals, dedicated to delivering signage that connects you with your customers and potential audiences.

We will breathe new life into your fleet of vehicles. We start the process with a free consultation. This allows us to understand the aims and objectives you want to meet while discussing options you may not have considered.

The detailed brief will then be passed to our design team who will create mock-ups and samples that meet your branding and guideline requirements. Using their knowledge of industry trends, latest design styles, and feedback from your business, our design team will produce a design sample for your review, modification, and feedback.

Once a final design is chosen, our skilled team of fabricators will use state-of-the-art facilities, combined with the highest-quality materials, to produce the wrap for your vehicle. Whether it is one piece being manufactured, or a series of parts that make up your design, our team will use their knowledge and experience to produce a high-quality final product.

Finally, the workshop team will pass it to our installation team who will ensure that the vehicle wraps are installed in a professional and seamless way, looking as visually attractive from a distance as they do up close. No wrinkles, bubbles or anything else that may negatively impact consumer perception, your vehicle wrap will be sure to impress you and your potential clients.

If you already have vehicle wraps in place, our team can help update, replace, or repair existing designs. From minor changes to major overhauls, Excalibur Sign Studio can help.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Excalibur Rochester Sign Company LogoWhatever the size of your business and your vehicles, we can help send the message you want to with complete vehicle wrapping solutions, from full wraps to removable magnets, cut vinyl lettering, perforated window film, lighted car toppers, and any other promotional items you may need to make your vehicle start generating more visibility for your business.

Starting with a free vehicle wrap consultation to discuss your needs, we can help you identify the best way to use your fleet to raise brand awareness of your business.

Call Excalibur Sign Studio at (585) 484-1665 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!